EHS Audits program for over 1,900 construction sites across south-east United States


A leading environmental consultant has been using the QNOPY platform to conduct an Environmental Health & Safety program for a large energy company. Over 1,900 active construction sites are monitored periodically to assess the contractor's EHS compliance. Construction contractors are rated for individual sites as well as across the whole portfolio during a given week or a month. Purpose of the program is not to catch unsafe behavior but to help the contractors change their internal culture to be more health and safety aware.

QNOPY streamlined the entire program from planning of the site visits to generating weekly, monthly, and score card reports with charts. With the mobile app the project managers got instant access to the site audits and any issues found during a site visit could be resolved before the inspectors left the site. Audit forms were customized to handle the unique and proprietary EHS program.

Program Setup & Challenges:

  • 1,900 construction sites across six states
  • 119 construction contractors and subcontractors
  • Sites are added and removed to the list on a daily basis
  • When any issues are found the subcontractors are coached on the spot and corrective measures are noted
  • Photo captions are split into two parts - observation and action taken
  • Along with EHS checklists, time and travel needed to be tracked
  • Create a weekly and monthly contractor scorecard
  • Adjust the checklist and the audit protocol based on field observations
  • Create a graphical dashboard to view the scores and other key performance indicators


QNOPY solution overview:

QNOPY created completely customized solution for the EHS program. Different checklists were created to capture the work safety culture, activities at the sites, and scoring risky behavior. 

  1. QNOPY provided cellular tablets along with the software subscription
  2. QNOPY mobile app works offline. EHS inspectors can conduct audits without internet connection during the day and upload photos and checklists to the server when they get back to their hotel or office
  3. PMs can manage site lists and contractors and assign site visits to inspectors
  4. Checklists are divided into subtopics such as Housekeeping, Electrical, Hazard Communication, and Sanitary Facilities.
  5. Inspectors can add a note along with the score for each question
  6. Notes are split in two parts - Findings and Actions Taken
  7. There are mandatory items in the checklist that the inspectors must note before submitting the form

Results achieved:

  • Over 2,000 site audits performed with 14,000+ pictures taken
  • Tracked safety scores for contractors across multiple sites and multiple categories over the year to see whether coaching helped improve safety culture
  • Immediate coaching helped improve safe behavior over the year
  • Provided realtime feedback to the safety coordinators
  • Not a single checklist or photo were misplaced
  • QNOPY Data Analytics showed trends that may have been missed earlier

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