Low Flow Groundwater Sampling at a Chromium contaminated site in central California


QNOPY platform is being used for managing groundwater monitoring activities at high profile Chromium remediation sites located in California’s Mojave desert for the past three years. The monitoring program is complex and the number of wells sampled in a quarter exceed 900. QNOPY has enabled the consultant to completely eliminate handwritten paper logs and streamlined the overall process to achieve over 30% reduction in costs with better quality of data. Over 11 thousand samples have been collected and there have been no data lost, and no re-work caused by misplaced or erroneous data. Read more..


EHS Audits for construction activities across 1,900 sites


One of the top 10 Environmental consulting companies in the United States has been using the QNOPY mobile app and the web dashboards for conducting EHS audits for construction activities at electrical utility company's sites across the south-east US for the past two years. The purpose of the audits is to identify risky behavior and coach the construction contractors to adopt safe work practices. The activities observed are rated as good, bad, and imminent risk. Weekly and monthly safety scores are calculated for each subcontractor. Different analytical reports are generated to analyze topics the subcontractors need to focus on. QNOPY has streamlined the audits process in the field and automate weekly and monthly reporting. Read more..


Asset condition assessment of Oil Wells


One of the leading global environmental consulting firms that provides transaction support services for upstream oil and gas industry, has been using the QNOPY platform for last three and half years for managing their field inspections and reporting. QNOPY asset condition assessment application was configured to focus on oil and gas well inspections.  QNOPY helped the client reduce the overall costs of the assessments by over 30% and increased the speed of completion by 50%. With streamlined field inspections program, the client is able to finish their projects faster and win more work. Read more..


System Operation and Maintenance for a soil vapor extraction and treatment system


System operation and maintenance field logs are challenging to digitize as the forms and the field work flow varies for each system. QNOPY created a custom solution for a SVE system in San Jose, California and completely digitized the field data workflow. The solution is being used for over two years and has achieved significant cost savings for the client along with better control and quality of data. The SVET system has multiple components and different types of data is recorded for several monitoring points. Mobile app guides the technicians to record all the required parameters and improves the data quality by validating the entries in the field. Field logs are exported in Excel edd format as well as formatted PDFs. With QNOPY, the consultant has completely automated the OMM process and has achieved better quality data with permit compliance.  Read more..


One of the top 5 design and infrastructure management companies in the world has been using the QNOPY mobile app to document the activities at a large interstate construction project in Georgia. Within last 12 months their inspectors have recorded over 15 thousand photographs. QNOPY provided a simple application for taking pictures and drawing over them and tagging the photos to project locations. QNOPY provided a complete solution to manage the photos including cloud storage, multiple backups in a day, and 24 X7 support to resolve any issues the inspectors may have. Read more..