Why our clients choose QNOPY

happy_clientOn the face of it, there are many options in the market to digitize and automate field data. We asked our clients why they continue to choose QNOPY year after year. And then we also looked a little deeper to understand who our clients are. 

Here is what we found: our clients are mostly project managers and operations leaders that share a common thread: their top priority is to do what's best for their projects and bring value to their clients. They constantly strive for higher efficiency and don't just accept the status quo.

They told us that once they moved to QNOPY, they no longer had to worry about their field data. Things flow smoothly with no headaches, no one complaining about the apps, and data collected is never lost. Costs go down and it's easy to work with the friendly QNOPY staff.

To drill down a little deeper, here is why they choose QNOPY:

User experience: Field personnel love our app. If they don't like a field app then its game over for that app. We pride ourselves with a 5 star end user rating for our field app.

Customer service: We are here for our clients 24x7 and 365 days. We get their issues resolved within hours. Our customer service is probably a tie with our app's user experience rating.

Speed of deployment: We get everything set up within hours. And once set up, clients can take it forward and manage their projects with ease.

Dependability: Our solution works every time. We have never lost our client's data.  

Predictable costs: Costs are fixed. Once on-boarded, there won't be any surprises and cost over-runs.

QNOPY listens to the clients: Our clients tell us what they need and we build it for them. Whether mobile apps or a web dashboard, we get it built within two to three weeks.

Everything they need in one place: QNOPY supports any type of environmental or construction field data collection. Whether they have remediation systems, sampling, construction, or EHS, they can use the same app.

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