What you probably don't know about a form builder solution (inside scoop)

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It will cost you over 6x more to build and operate an in-house form-builder-based solution compared to QNOPY.

On the face of it, the form builder app pricing is inexpensive. However, when you account for the overall cost of automation and on-going data management, you will realize that the user license fees are not even 3% of the actual overall costs. It won't help even if you got a form builder tool for free.

Unlike build-your-own-solutions, QNOPY is a fully-managed platform-as-a-service. QNOPY provides a working solution for your projects right out of the box, with zero overhead and no risk to your project. QNOPY costs are fixed so that you can plan your projects better and not waste resources on non-value-adding tasks such as managing data formats.

Out of the box, QNOPY provides you everything you need to manage and digitize your projects.

cost of form builder app

The costs detailed above are for a best-case scenario assuming your form builder and lab data management solution work perfectly without glitches

The following chart shows the cost comparison between QNOPY and a form-builder-based solution. These are estimated annual costs and do not include enterprise database management. Neither do they include the server hardware, networking costs, IT management, and administration costs.

project costs chart

QNOPY is a complete platform-based solution built specifically for Environmental Projects and not a just another generic form builder application.

Here are some of the top reasons to try QNOPY on your next Environmental Project:

  • No training required for building forms
  • No need to setup in-house databases
  • Start gathering project data within 24 hours - not weeks or months
  • Perform complex calculations such as parameter stabilization right out of the box
  • Easy Usability and intuitive navigation - centered around projects and tasks, not user accounts
  • Integrate your field data with Laboratory data with ease

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