Video- Biological surveys simplified with QNOPY App




Checkout the latest QNOPY form control that mimics the paper flow for biological surveys.

Bio survey_0 copy-1Biological surveys on paper forms are easy. Scribble down the species that you encounter and use tally marks to count individuals. It's a challenge to replace this very simple data collection method with a mobile app. 

Though paper based data collection seems easy in the field, it causes many other problems like - papers can be lost, data must be manually entered in excel later, long turn around time, and of course, handwriting is not always legible. 

The new QNOPY form control has simplified the data collection and might even be faster than paper forms. All your data will be digital from get go and you can attach photos and drawings to your forms. Photos and data are automatically geo-tagged so you don't need to remember where you captured a photo or made a note. 

QNOPY web portal offers a wide range of options for exporting the survey data. You can generate formatted photo logs or export data into CSV or excel formats. Map view shows photos on a satellite map. 

Isn't it time to move away from paper forms? 

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