Digitizing Groundwater Monitoring Data: What makes the QNOPY App stand out

Thousands of monitoring wells have been sampled with the QNOPY mobile app over the past four and half years. Field samplers like the intuitive user interface and the project managers like the reliability and the instant access to their data. 

Here is what makes it stand out:

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What you probably don't know about a form builder solution (inside scoop)

It will cost you over 6x more to build and operate an in-house form-builder-based solution compared to QNOPY.

On the face of it, the form builder app pricing is inexpensive. However, when you account for the overall cost of automation and on-going data management, you will realize that the user license fees are not even 3% of the actual overall costs. It won't help even if you got a form builder tool for free.

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Groundwater monitoring is probably the most common activity that an environmental consultant performs and is the most critical piece in the site remediation workflow. Still majority of the field data is recorded on paper forms that pose the following challenges:

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