Watch Geensight demo: redesigned cloud based report writing platform by QNOPY


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Video- Biological surveys simplified with QNOPY App




Checkout the latest QNOPY form control that mimics the paper flow for biological surveys.

Bio survey_0 copy-1Biological surveys on paper forms are easy. Scribble down the species that you encounter and use tally marks to count individuals. It's a challenge to replace this very simple data collection method with a mobile app. 

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An app for site notes and photos - coming soon

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of our new app - Sitebook. It's an app designed to simplify recording field activities at environmental and construction sites. Sitebook will organize your notes and photos under projects and keep them secured. Share your data with your clients or teammates and print photo logs and daily reports.

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Digitization, automation, technology.. whats the point?

There is a big rush to digitize and using more and more technology. According to CEB (NYSE: CEB), 87% of the senior business leaders have digitization as their top priority. Which is true for the environmental industry as well.

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What you probably don't know about a form builder solution (inside scoop)

It will cost you over 6x more to build and operate an in-house form-builder-based solution compared to QNOPY.

On the face of it, the form builder app pricing is inexpensive. However, when you account for the overall cost of automation and on-going data management, you will realize that the user license fees are not even 3% of the actual overall costs. It won't help even if you got a form builder tool for free.

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Groundwater monitoring is probably the most common activity that an environmental consultant performs and is the most critical piece in the site remediation workflow. Still majority of the field data is recorded on paper forms that pose the following challenges:

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If you’ve ever worked in environmental consulting, you know that field data is valuable. Collecting, transcribing, analyzing, manipulating, and synthesizing field data takes up the majority of consultants’ time and is at the core of the value they provide to their clients. 

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As I started working in the industry I remember ordering a fancy clipboard. It had a handle like a briefcase and it could hold a bunch of field sheets, a ton of pencils, and had a little box for clips. It even had a tiny calculator.

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We are delighted to welcome Mr. K. N. Murthy to QNOPY as our key advisor. Krishniah Murthy, recently retired as Executive Director for Transit Project Delivery at Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, has nearly 50 years of rail transit and highway design and construction management experience. He has managed and implemented several multi billion dollar projects nationally and internationally.

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