Groundwater monitoring is probably the most common activity that an environmental consultant performs and is the most critical piece in the site remediation workflow. Still majority of the field data is recorded on paper forms that pose the following challenges:

Data quality: Bad handwriting, incomplete data fields, or misplaced work can cause significant delays and re-work and requires more QA/QC resources.

Mistaken identity: In remote areas it’s hard to locate all the wells using just a paper site map. If the wells are not labeled sample for one well can end up under another.

Enforcing SOPs: There is no control over whether standard operating procedures are followed while sampling a well.

Speed of data collection: Traditional paper forms take longer in the field and then a lot more to transcribe those back at the office.

Re-Work: Collecting data for wrong wells or marking the samples for wrong analysis causes re-work.

QNOPY Solution

QNOPY is an end-to-end solution that includes devices, software, cloud storage, and reporting for automating the field workflow. QNOPY can replace all types of paper forms. Here is how QNOPY simplifies the groundwater monitoring workflow:

  • Wells and all the required parameters are pre-loaded – typos and spelling errors are mostly eliminated
  • Increase sampling speed by 30% as radio buttons, dropdown lists, and calculated fields make data entry easy and fast
  • Instant data view helps catch issues while field personnel are still onsite and corrective action can be taken
  • Geocoded data means you can see where the data was collected and whether the right workflow was followed in the field
  • Viewing wells on the map helps find wells on un-marked sites. Even if incorrect samples are taken the actual well ID can be derived from the geotags and well photographs

Groundwater Monitoring