As I started working in the industry I remember ordering a fancy clipboard. It had a handle like a briefcase and it could hold a bunch of field sheets, a ton of pencils, and had a little box for clips. It even had a tiny calculator.

Well over a decade has passed since then. Today my phone is faster than the computer I had back then. Now there is an app for everything. An app tells me that I am sitting in one place too long and need to move.

It’s time we go digital with our field data collection. QNOPY – a next step in the evolution of the field data collection process. All the same forms instantly at your fingertips. Your entire clipboard in your pocket.

Does anyone really like going back to the office to file paperwork? We got that covered..

Tell us about your ‘Clipboard’ and we’ll tell you how QNOPY can streamline your data collection.

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