Digitization, automation, technology.. whats the point?

use_of_techThere is a big rush to digitize and using more and more technology. According to CEB (NYSE: CEB), 87% of the senior business leaders have digitization as their top priority. Which is true for the environmental industry as well.

As we move towards more technology and automation, let’s take a step back and dig into why we are doing this. What’s the single most important driver for automation? It’s the cost. Mitigating environmental liabilities is an expensive process and no one wants to spend a dime more than what they must. If you use any technology, your project costs should go down, right?

Are you seeing any cost reductions? Or hitting more milestones faster? 

Checkout QNOPY. We focus on automating no-value tasks such as transcribing paper field logs, loading lab data, and arranging results in tables, charts, and figures.

We automate so that you can focus on what matters - designing better solutions for your projects and assessing risks faster with better quality data.

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